Should I Do It?

Should I?

This is the question you may ask yourself when taking a nice stroll through South Bank Parklands, having a sausage sizzle with friends or dining at one of the restaurants on the River Strip, when all of a sudden you hear a sound similar to a large swarm of wasps buzzing, getting closer and louder. You take notice, and then you see a group of people gliding on these Segway things, smiling and yahooing. They pass by, and then they are gone. Thoughts may pop into your head, “What the?” “I wasn’t expecting that” or “I wonder what that would be like?” If you have ever thought any of these, you should go ahead and find out for yourself, it will exceed your expectations! 

I mean, before I even stepped on a segway, I thought to myself “Meh, I guess it could be fun”. Little did I know, I’d feel like I could almost fly, I was taller than everyone for once and I felt like a rockstar with everyone looking at me! It was exhilarating to say the least! These people who you see riding along are experiencing the exact same thing. We meet and greet a relatively happy bunch of people, as soon as they understand how easy these amazing machines are to ride, you see them transform – The nervous get confident, the quiet ones get loud (which is hilarious for us guides to watch) The Mature feel young again, and the Young feel accomplished. No matter which walk of life people come from, it’s the same for everyone! 

One of my favourite things is that we get to showcase the most beautiful parts of Brisbane to our Tourists, but our Locals get to fall in love all over again with our Beautiful City. Can you imagine, appreciating one of the world’s most beautiful city, while riding something that is so fun and feels so unique? It’s something definantly to write home about, there certainly is a buzz left with you after your tour!

So, if you think you are up to adding to the list of the most fun things you have ever done in your life, then it’s probably a good idea to book in your tour today!

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